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In Memoriam:
Eugene Lupenko

March 16, 1930 - January 9, 2015




Medical Missions


Save Misha, the Boy in the Blue Glasses!


Five months after their son was born, the world changed forever for Misha’s parents. Doctors told them he has a complex, life threatening heart defect. A normal heart has four chambers, two upper and two lower. Misha’s heart, however, has only one lower chamber. To save his life, surgeons would have to perform a series of staged, open-heart procedures to reconfigure his heart and circulatory system.


After his first operation, however, doctors considered Misha too high risk for further surgery. Determined to save their son, Misha’s parents traveled 5,000 miles by train to a world-class cardiac center for a second opinion. There they were told Misha was inoperable. Devastated, the family turned to Russian Gift of Life USA for help.


Your donations to our Emergency Fund provided medications to keep Misha’s heart beating. Your donations to SAVE A CHILD® at our 25th anniversary event, made it possible for Misha to have a second life-saving operation on September 16, 2014. With no options left in Russia, Misha’s parents drove 214 miles from their hometown of Voronezh across the Ukraine border to Kharkov. Russian Gift of Life USA arranged for an eminent American heart surgeon, Dr. William Novick, to fly to the cardiac center there to operate on Misha. An American surgeon successfully operates on an “inoperable” Russian boy in Ukraine. It’s truly a miracle on all fronts.


Misha is now three years old. He’s had two life-saving open-heart surgeries. Now he needs a third and final operation. Gift of Life is helping to fund medical missions to Misha’s local hospital to train the surgeons, cardiologists, nurses, and other medical personnel to care for children just like him. During the next surgical mission in early 2015, Dr. Novick will again operate on Misha. The cost of the operation, expendable medical supplies, airfare, visas and other associated expenses to bring Dr. Novick and the team to Voronezh is $68,000. In addition to Misha, several other children will receive life-saving surgery during the mission.


If you would like to help bring the medical team to Russia to save Misha, don’t let the cost stop you. Please give what you can this holiday season. Your gift in any amount will be gratefully accepted. This little boy needs you. He has nowhere else to turn. With everyone’s help we can save Misha’s life.


Thank you for caring about the little boy in the blue glasses.


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