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This Nine Year Old Girl Needs Open-Heart Surgery. Please Help.
Anna is nine years old.
She was born with heart disease.

Anna has an atrial septal defect – more commonly known as a hole in her heart. Specifically it's a hole between the wall that separates the upper heart chambers. As a result, blood continues to flow from the left to the right atria. If too much blood moves from the right side of the heart, pressure in the lungs builds up. Options for treatment where she lives are limited. She has lived with this life-threatening defect for nine years! In July 2014, Dr. Gorbachevsky examined Anna during a Russian Gift of Life USA sponsored screening mission.

If the defect is not repaired and the hole closed, Anna risks heart failure, atrial fibrillation, pulmonary over-circulation, pulmonary hypertension and stroke. Anna is from the Smolensk Region, Russia.

Fortunately, Saint Francis Heart Center has accepted Anna for medical treatment. Her defect can be closed without the need for open-heart surgery using a device called an amplatzer. But the cost of the medical device, expendable medical supplies, airfare, visas, support for the family, and other associated expenses is $72,850. Anna's family is appealing to Gift of Life, Inc., Russian Gift of Life USA and to our partner, the children’s charity Rusfond for help.

Dr. Sean Levchuck, Chairman of Pediatric Cardiology at Saint Francis Hospital, will perform the procedure for free and the hospital will donate most of their services leaving $7,850.
With additional support from Rusfond, Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, Gift of Life, Inc., and the Russian Gift of Life Emergency Fund $2,850 has been raised.

There is still a shortage of $5,000 for the medical device.
“Please help us come to America for heart surgery.” – Marina Kakhovskaya, Smolensk Region, Russia.

Without this medical procedure, Anna will get worse and may not live into adulthood. If you would like to help Anna, don’t let the cost stop you. We are almost there. Please give what you can. Your gift in any amount will be gratefully accepted. A young girl needs you. She has nowhere else to turn. With everyone’s help we can save Anna’s life.

This Four Year Old Girl Needs Open-Heart Surgery. Please Help.
Gunesh is four years old.
She was born with heart disease.
Her first open-heart surgery was successfully completed in Saint Petersburg.
She now urgently needs a second open-heart operation to save her life.
Gunesh lives in Turkmenistan.
The longer Gunesh waits, the worse her condition will get.

Gunesh needs your help now.


"This letter is from the parents of Gunesh Khasanova,
her father, Aziz Khasanova, and her mother, Oguldzhemal Khalmedova. We are from Turkmenistan.
Our little Gunesh was seen at the Bakulev Center in Moscow May 15, 2014.  
After the medical exam
, doctors there determined that our daughter needs a life-saving operation
that will cost 275,000 rubles (~$7,800). We implore you to help our daughter, Gunesh Khasanova,
on July 17, 2010. She was originally diagnosed with congenital heart disease, single ventricle,
pulmonary stenosis
at Children’s Hospital No. 1 in Saint Petersburg.
On January 21, 2011, our daughter had surgery at Children’s Hospital No. 1 in Saint Petersburg.
The doctors created a bidirectional cava-pulmonary anastomosis to save her then.

Our hearts have found a ray of hope that we can get help and that our daughter will live,
but when we learned about the amount we have to pay for the surgery, our legs gave out and
it was
excruciatingly painful to realize that the health and life of our little girl depends on money, which we have never had.
We are a young family and in our country it is very difficult to find a job, and even if you have one, the salary is very low.
In our family,
only my husband works and he gets paid about $200 per month, I get an
allowance of $26 per month from the government
to care for our
daughter and even my parents help us, all of which together leaves just enough to lead a very modest lifestyle.

May God grant you success in your difficult work, lasting health to you and your families for your kindness and humanity.
Thanks to you,
many children’s hearts are beating. Let fate protect you and bring you lots of joy.
Take care
of yourselves, our children need you. If there were more people like you,
the world would be
more beautiful. We bow before you and before your priceless work."

Aziz Khasanov and Oguldzhemal Khalmedova, Turkmenistan

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